Practice run:
Project with a foreign publishing house
Online workshop with Julia Sarda
July 15th and 16th, 2021 (Thursday and Friday)
You will learn about the ins and outs, issues and solutions when working with foreign agencies and publishers from Julia Sarda, a very seasonal, highly-demanded children book illustrator in Europe and U.S.
beginners and working illustrators and artists;
for everyone who is interested in book illustration;
Professional artists
for those who want to start working with international projects on children book illustration
for everyone who wants to develop their creative abilities;
for fans of Julia Sarda
The work with foreign publishers of children books has its specifics and getting to the international illustration market may seem daunting and unattainable. But that is completely wrong!

You will learn not only theory of how an illustrator gets a job in a foreign project; you will also practice by doing tasks that big foreign publishers often give when choosing an artist.

The online workshop will be a Zoom conference in English with consecutive interpreting into Russian.

/At the announcement cover and later on you can see illustrations by Julia Sarda./

  • 16+
  • basic drawing skills will be an advantage
Julia Sarda
Júlia Sardà is a freelance illustrator from Barcelona. She began her studies at the Fine Arts University of Barcelona, but then switched to a graphic arts course at an illustration school to focus more on her technique and to prepare herself for an illustration career. She worked as a colorist in a studio making editorial merchandise for Disney and Disney Pixar. Two years later she bravely set off on her own as a freelance illustrator. She began working on concept art for video games where she honed her own style and developed her vision. Now she works mostly in children’s illustration and has had the pleasure of illustrating some of her favourite classics including Alice in Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Her work can be viewed at @juliasardaportabella
What you will learn
  • How Julia Sarda started her career as an illustrator; what influenced her work, what projects taught her something important or challenged her somehow; she will show you the process of working on a project and tell you about the projects she’s working on right now;
  • You will learn the difference between projects and issues that you face when working on them;
  • We will talk about logistics, time management, work with editors, agencies and publishers;
  • Based on the text Julia will provide you with you will make a mock assignment to imitate a test from an international publishing house;
  • In your work we will assess its style, composition, and creativity. We will talk about illustration forms, tone and rhythm.
Julia Sarda
Workshop results
You will create a composition to the text that will include several illustrations that will have two-three interconnected elements/characters. These illustrations will be your practice run of a test from an editor from a foreign publishing house who considers you as a candidate for this project.

Below you can see some examples of Julia Sarda illustrations that were real test runs to get projects in various publishing houses.
The workshop agenda
15-16 July, online, Moscow time
July 15th
19.00 – 21.00
July 15th
19.00 – 21.00
The first lesson
Lecture: Julia Sarda will tell you about her creative journey, education, work techniques of an illustrator and show you the process of working on a project as well as how her style has changed throughout her career, how new influences and inspirations shape her perception of reality and its manifestation on paper.

Practice: Based on the text Julia will provide you with you will make a mock assignment to imitate a test from an international publishing house. When a publishing house gives a test to get the project, editors ask you to make “a sample” to see your approach to text and how you interpret it. It should not be an illustration that will take a lot of time; it’s supposed to be a composition where they can assess your vision of the piece of work and your aesthetic suggestion to the project.

When the lesson is over you are supposed to continue on your own (will be given howemork exerсise)
July 16th
19.00 – 21.00
July 16th
19.00 – 21.00
The second lesson
You continue your work on your first day assignment.
Then there’ll be a joint discussion of the results.
Julia Sarda
Necessary materials and tools
Julia uses Photoshop CC and a Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet, for your assignment you can use any materials you are used to (tablet, Photoshop, pencils, watercolor, gouache, etc.). Everyone can choose their method of artistic expression.
How online lessons are organized
1. Lessons are held remotely in real time via Zoom.
2. Before 1 hour of the start of each lesson you will get an email. There you will find a link for today’s lesson, an assignment or additional materials.
3. When you click at the link at the beginning of the lesson, you will get at a special virtual classroom where you can see and hear your teacher and other participants.
4. The teacher will show and comment on class materials via presentation or demonstrate how they work using a camera. The teacher will specify assignments.
5. The participants will show their results via a special class chat in Telegram or Miro board. The teacher will comment on the results.
6. The lessons are recorded and the link will be sent within 24 hours after the lesson and will be available within 30 days.
Online workshop with Julia Sarda “Practice run: Project with a foreign publishing house”
120 USD

The cost if you pay in advance:

  • 85 USD if you pay through June 30th, 2021 (you will save 35 USD)
  • 100 USD if you pay from July 1st 2021 through July 14th, 2021 (you will save 20 USD)

Group: up to 20 persons (the group is full, the entry is closed, leave a order if you want to get in in case of a repeat)

Online workshop with Julia Sarda “Practice run: Project with a foreign publishing house”
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