The mindset of an illustrator
Online lecture by Mariana Rio

July 8th, 2021 (Thursday), 7:00 – 9:00 PM (Moscow time zone)
You will learn about the important secrets of the creative process of illustrating a book, the peculiarities of the views, principles and way of thinking of the professional illustrator from the artist, designer and illustrator from Portugal Mariana Rio.

for fans of the creativity of Mariana Rio,

for everyone who is interested in book illustration

beginners in illustration and art students,
Professional artists
professional illustrators,
everyone who plans to successfully develop as an illustrator
"I'm glad to spend my days creating illustrations, characters, and visual narratives for publishing houses, design studios, and companies in many positions on the planet. I'm always eager to learn and progress, every day, in every project. I also love to share what I know, and I am determined to make people who work with me happy and successful."

"As an illustrator with more than ten years of professional experience, I found some important lessons about the creative process of illustrating a book. From the reading and reflection about the text until the graphic production of the book, I will share my process with you."

"However, I also live my life in a certain way that hopefully makes me better as a professional. This lecture will show you fragments of what being an illustrator feels like from the inside. "

The online lecture will be a Zoom conference in English with consecutive interpreting into Russian.

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  • 16+
Mariana Rio
Mariana Rio is an award-winning illustrator and educator from Portugal. She has been a practitioner for more than ten years, being the last four full-time freelancing. She graduated in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto (2008). She also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Wroclaw. Her work was featured by the Bologna Children's Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition in 2018 & 2013, Nami Island International Picture Book Illustration Competition Seoul, 3x3 The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, CJ Picture Book Awards, and the Portuguese National Illustration Prize, among others. Mariana is a participant of many joint and her own exhibitions around the world. She also conducts lectures and workshops for professional illustrators and for children.

Below you can see some more illustrations of Mariana Rio
What you will learn
  • You will learn the creative process of working on various illustration projects by Mariana Rio
  • The features and secrets of the work of an illustrator, from the reading and reflection about the text until the graphic production of the book
  • You will learn about the principles of the daily life of a professional illustrator
  • Also Mariana will answer your questions
Mariana Rio
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Online lecture by Mariana Rio
“The mindset of an illustrator”
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