Collage and mixmedia drawing with Tina Siuda.
«Where I’m from»
Online workshop (Zoom)
30th and 31th August, 2021 (Monday and Tuesday)
19.00 – 21.00, Moscow time
Expand your creative area of working and thinking, as collage is a great way for experimenting with composition, forms, textures and contrasts. We will use collage and mixed media techniques with Tina Siuda, an illustrator from Poland, to find a new creative ideas and a new way to make illustrations.
beginners and working illustrators and artists;
for everyone who is interested in illustration
Professional artists
those artists and illustrators who is looking for new ways to create
everyone who ready to experiment in their work and daily practice
everyone who wants to develop creative process
for everyone who is interested in mixed media and collage techniques in illustration
for fans of Tina Siuda's art
Tina says creativity is part of everyday life, even when you're trying decide what to cook for dinner. The collage technique will give the maximum possible freedom for creativity, because you can not only use a variety of materials, but also get the opportunity for a new vision in the process of creating your illustration.

The online workshop will be a Zoom conference in English with consecutive interpreting into Russian.

/At the announcement cover and later on you can see illustrations by Tina Siuda./

  • 16+
  • а willingness to experiment with new ways to create illustrations
Tina Siuda

"My name is Tina Siuda. I was born in Poland, now I live and work in beautiful Porto, I studied graphic design, multimedia arts, drawing and printing techniques. In 2017 my works were selected for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition, the same year I was honoured a 2nd prize at the 10th Encontro Internacional de Ilustração de São João da Madeira. In 2020 I have been invited to the 3rd edition of MiiC, Mostra Internacional de Ilustración Contemporánea - an international collective exhibition showcased in Santiago de Compostela and Coruña. For the last few years I have been exhibiting my works in a selection of galleries across Europe.

I am a freelance illustrator, image maker, print maker, sometimes an animator, sometimes a dancer. In 2020 I founded a micro risograph press project called Not So Fast Press.

I draw gentle characters and imaginary landscapes, inserting tiny narratives in between the details. On my desk you can find well sharpened pencils, gouache paints, colorful, shiny bits of paper and a sleeping cat - if there is a cat in the room. My favorite color is blue."

What you will learn
  • We will make textures, use ready-made patterns or shapes and experiment with different kinds of paper to make our illustrations. We will think of a character who can live in our landscape and draw him.
  • We will explore how the qualities of paper - texture, thickness, transparency, color, pattern can add value to the illustration;
  • Improvising with cut out elements, “sketching” with shapes
  • Defining a palette of color, elements or shapes to build a series of illustrations with a coherent aesthetic;
  • Bring a landscape to life and animating a landscape with a character.
Workshop results
The final result of the workshop will be sketches and a small series of illustrations showing a character in his landscape, made in collage and mixed media.
The workshop agenda
15-16 July, online, Moscow time
30th August
19.00 – 21.00
30th August
19.00 – 21.00
The first lesson
Presentation where Tina will tell a few words about herself, her favorite projects and interests, working space, favorite materials and tools.
Practice: Choosing a palette of colors and making textures.
Making a sketch composition of a landscape and a character.
31th August
19.00 – 21.00
31th August
19.00 – 21.00
The second lesson
Developing a series of illustrations.
Then there’ll be a Q&A and discussion of the results.
Necessary materials and tools
  1. papers of different kind, preferably not very thick - colorful paper, scraps of
  2. envelopes, newspaper, patterns, wrapping paper, stickers, some old sketches -
  3. interesting textures that we can cut into pieces
  4. translucent paper ( tracing paper, vellum paper)
  5. self-adhesive paper
  6. gouache paint, wax crayons, crayons
  7. glue for paper in stick and transparent - liquid
  8. thicker sheets of paper for support of composition
  9. scissors, cutting knife
  10. favorite drawing material
How online lessons are organized
1. Lessons are held remotely in real time via Zoom.
2. Before 1 hour of the start of each lesson you will get an email. There you will find a link for today’s lesson, an assignment or additional materials.
3. When you click at the link at the beginning of the lesson, you will get at a special virtual classroom where you can see and hear your teacher and other participants.
4. The teacher will show and comment on class materials via presentation or demonstrate how they work using a camera. The teacher will specify assignments.
5. The participants will show their results via a special class chat in Telegram or Miro board. The teacher will comment on the results.
6. The lessons are recorded and the link will be sent within 24 hours after the lesson and will be available within 30 days.
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150 USD

The cost if you pay in advance:

  • 85 USD if you pay through August 6th, 2021 (you will save 65 USD)
  • 105 USD if you pa through August 13th, 2021 (you will save 45 USD)
  • 125 USD if you pay through August 29st 2021 (you will save 25 USD)

Group: up to 20 persons

Online collage and mixmedia drawing workshop with Tina Siuda «Where I’m from»
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